U.S. Defense Team is a unique Homeland Security Solutions provider. U.S. Defense Team mission is to provide best‐of‐breed homeland security systems, technologies and total turn‐key solutions to Government organizations that are facing the significant security challenges and threats existing today.

U.S. Defense Team has a significant and proven operational track record in the development, launch and deployment of advanced military security solutions, command & control, intelligence solutions and protection systems globally.

Our executive team, made up of experts across a diverse spectrum of disciplines, has a substantial and proven track record covering years of experience in military operations and high‐tech systems solutions.

Who we are:

U.S. Defense Team partner’s and interrogators were established by Government owned Military Weapons Manufacturing Organizations, U.S. Defense Team is a globally recognized Defense Systems Interrogator, Specializing in the Development and Manufacturing of Comprehensive Combat-Proven Solutions and Technologies for the Land, Air, Naval and Cyber Intelligence and Homeland Security (HLS) requirements of the modern battlefield.

U.S. Defense Team is Privately-Held Corporation which owns a portfolio of companies spanning over 40 years of activity. We focus on Gaming Changing Technologies on a culture of innovation and battle-proven solutions which are currently deployed globally. U.S. Defense Team offers a Track-Record of Technology, Experience and Partnership for our Government Partners.

U.S. Defense Team brings products and systems to the battlefield and urban environments, empowering global Governments with strategic and tactical mission success based on current threat assessments.

Our Mission:

U.S. Defense Team’s mission is to provide Best Breed Homeland Security Systems to Government Organizations that are currently facing Security Threats and Challenges. Our aim is to adapt to the ever-changing Art of War and provide our Government Partners with the services they need to fight Global Terrorism and Improve Homeland Security across the World. Ultimately, we strive to become the region’s most trusted Homeland Security Solutions provider to our Local Government Partners.

Our Vision:

To be the World Leading Integrator in finding Game Changing sources of Innovative, Technology-Based Systems for Diverse Military Defense and Homeland Security Solutions.